Tuesday 24 November 2015
RisCura-South African Private Equity Performance Report
RisCura-South African Private Equity Performance Report.pdf
SAVCA Launch Compendium of ESG Case studies
Social Impact Investment
Investors seize on opportunities of expanding private universities in Kenya
Strong balance sheet a competitive advantage in Africa
Made In Africa(Exploring International and Local Consideration in and from Africa
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South Africa Private Equity Performance Report

South Africa Private Equity Performance Full Report

Download South Africa Private Equity Performance Full Report
Alternative Intelligence Brief 02-2013

In our second AI Brief (02-2013), our main thematic focus is risk: What are the risks facing PE investors, how can they be managed, and are new investors at a disadvantage to the veterans?

Also in this edition:

  • Deals data and analysis
  • Funds data and analysis
  • Sector snapshot: PE investing in financial services, and
  • Capital watch: MENA
Alternative Intelligence Brief 02-2013.pdf
Alternative Intelligence Brief 01-2013

We are proud to launch the first edition of our new Alternative Intelligence Brief. In this first edition, you will find:

  • SME Investing: Show Us the Money
  • Jan-April 2013 deals and fund activity
  • Country Snapshot: Ethiopia
  • Country Interview: AFDB's Gabriel Negatu on investing in Ethiopia
  • LP Watch: DFIs out of the door?
  • Legal Brief: Triple Red Tape for East African M&A

We plan to publish the AI briefs every two months. The first two editions will be free, and then they will be included in the regular data subscription or you will be able to take out a separate subscription.

Let us know what you'd like to read about - we are looking forward to your feedback! Answers on a postcard or to info@africa-assets.com




Alternative Intelligence Brief 01-2013.pdf